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David Hockney

Six Fairy Tales from The Brothers Grimm
with Original Etchings

Library Information & Colophon


Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm with Original Etchings by David Hockney View record in Reed Digital Collections


London : Petersburg Press in association with the Kasmin Gallery, [1970]

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PT921 .G62 1970 View Reed library catalog record


2 v. (unpaged), [39] plates : ill. ; 46 cm

Colophon Notes

Six Fairy Tales:

The Little Sea Hare
The Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear
Old Rinkrank

From Colophon
EDITION B 99/100

The etchings were drawn onto plates by the artist.

Proofed by Maurice Payne and printed by Piet Clement.

Translated from the German original be Hiener Bastian.

Typography co-ordinated by Eric Ayers.

Text printed at the University Press, Oxford.

Paper handmade by W.S. Hodgkinson.

Bookbinding and boxing by Rudolph Rieser.

Published by the Petersburg Press, London, in association with the Kasmin Gallery.

Copyright held by Petersburg Press.


The thirty-nine etchings illustrating the Fairy Tales were drawn directly onto copper plates and etched by David Hockney in London between May and November 1969. Various progressive and state proofs were pulled by Maurice Payne, and one final state set for the artist. The finished plates were chrome faced and the editions printed by Piet Clement in Amsterdam from January to May 1970.


The six Fairy Tales are based on the original edition of Manesse, published in Zurich. They were chosen by the artist for this publication, and translated from the German and edited by Heiner Bastian in Berlin. The typography was co-ordinated by Eric Ayers, and the layout agreed with the artist.

The text type is in Plantin light, handset and printed letterpress at the University Press, Oxford, by Vivian Ridler, Printer to the University.

The Frontispiece. Dorothea Viehmann was the most important source for the Brothers Grimm in their collection of folk tales.


The papers have been made in pure white rag waterleaf and hotpressed, and watermarked throughout DH:PP, by W.S. Hodgkinson of Bath. For all pages of the text and illustrations in the book and portfolio editions, and for the loose etchings in the book editions, to a weight of 192 g.s.m.; and for the loose etchings in the portfolio edition, to a weight of 298 g.s.m.


In each book edition, the unit is a volume with closed bolt pages handsewn and bound, and a sleeve containing loose etchings, in a single slipcase. Each portfolio is in a box with the cover hinged on the longer side. The books, sleeves, slipcases and portfolios have been bound in full leather, each edition in a different blue. All bindings and boxes have been made up by hand by Rudolf Reiser in Cologne.


The book has been printed in four editions of 100 with 15 artist’s proofs, each including the six fairy tales and 39 etchings; they are signed and numbered on this page. Each volume is accompanied by six loose etchings in a sleeve selected from the book, signed by the artist on the face and numbered on the reverse; the editions each having a different set of loose etchings as listed below.

(Reed’s Copy)

from colophon
Edition B



The tower had one window; etching and aquatint; 335 x 150mm



Inside the castle; etching and aquatint; 255 x 263mm



Cold water about to hit the Prince; etching and aquatint; 385 x 270mm



Old Rinkrank threatens the Princess; etching and aquatint; 230 x 268mm



Gold; etching; 343 x 260mm



He tore himself in two; etching and aquatint; 447 x 324mm


A portfolio has been printed in an edition of 100 with 15 artist’s proofs. Each Fairy Tale is bound separately as a concertina fold of text and images and individually signed and numbered by the artist on the final page. These are accompanied by a separate set of 39 etchings printed on papers of various sizes with large margins and each signed and numbered by the artist on the face.


On completion of the printing of the above editions, the plates were defaced by diagonal scores and two cancellation proofs pulled. No further impressions will be taken.


David Hockney

(1937- )

David Hockney is an artist often associated with the pop art movement for his early paintings that are made up mainly of magazine-style images. He is also well known for his complicated photomontages. In his book Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm Hockney did much to revive the tradition of the livre d’artiste with its limited edition original etchings, hand-printed, and hand-bound details.

David Hockney was born in 1937 in Bradford, England. He graduated from the Regional College of Art in Bradford and then the Painting School of the Royal College in London. After moving to New York he met and befriended Andy Warhol, whose pop art style became a major influence. In 1964 Hockney moved to California where he fell in love with the environment and culture, specifically the "young, built, and tan men."1 Much of his work reflected his love for the picturesque area, portraying Hollywood-like homes, pools and socialites. In the eighties Hockney turned to a different pictorial medium: the photo collage. “Using a Polaroid camera, Hockney would assemble collages of photos that he would take as quickly as possible,”2 to create a fractured, assemblage of viewpoints.


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