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4 results for "Protestant - Baptist" "Cemetery"
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1. Gravestone of Doc. Thomas West Gravestone of Doc. Thomas West Burial Practice; Cemetery; Death; Death's Head; West, Thomas gravestone; Dr. Thomas West (b. 1646) was the son a carpenter from Duxbury, Mass. Thomas West was evidently a man of education and superior ability, and the first known practitioner of medicine and surgery on the...

2. Gravestone of Elizabeth West Gravestone of Elizabeth West Burial Practice; Cemetery; Death; Death's Head; West, Elizabeth gravestone; The identity of Dr. Thomas West's wife remains unknown. Elizabeth bore Thomas ten children who remained in good standing along with herself as members of the Third Sabbatarian (Seventh Day) Baptist Church...

3. Gravestone of Mary Green (d. 1719) Gravestone of Mary Green (d. 1719) Newport; Burial Practice; Cemetery; Death; Gravestone; Vertical; Green, Mary gravestone; Child's Gravestone; death's head; Newport; Common Burying Ground; Acanthus Whorls; Antipedobaptist Heresy Gravestone of Mary Green (3 years, 4 months), daughter of James and Robe Green. In 1729 James Green was a member of the Second Baptist Church in Newport (NEHGR 1915 [LXIX].91).

4. Gravestone of Silas Paul Gravestone of Silas Paul History; Gravestone; Burial Practice; Death; Cemetery; Gay Head (Aquinnah); Paul, Silas; Wampanoag Gravestones; Vertical; Baptist; Wampanoag Baptist Church at Gay Head (Aquinnah); ministers; missionary; Antipedobaptist Heresy Caption: Gravestone of Silas Paul in Gay Head (Banks, HMV II.Gay Head.26) Banks notes that, In 1763 Silas Paul was ordained as the pastor. He was born about 1738, was baptized in 1758, and at the age of...